Wooden mobile holder Sebra Sleep Wooden Edition

SKU: 802130002


Functional wooden mobile holder for easy placement of mobiles over the cot. Here, it is in the Wooden Edition.

A practical wooden mobile holder which is easy to mount and fasten between the bars of the Sebra Bed, Baby & Jr. or another cot, cradle, changing unit or playpen with bars. Hang a crochet baby mobile in the holder and create a cosy environment around your baby.

The holder is easily mounted on the bed by screwing the two padded discs together using the rotary piece. The padded discs also protect the material to which they are attached. To be able to mount the mobile holder, the width between the bars where the holder is mounted must be at least 8 mm, so that the screw of the mobile holder can pass through.

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100% Plywood Rotary with padded discs : 100% Hemu wood

Product measures

Measuring (cm): H: 73 L: 3 W: 35

Cleaning & Remarks

Wipe with damp cloth

Be aware

WARNING! In order to avoid injury, the mobile holder should be removed when children start to try to get up on all fours in a crawling position, as children may otherwise become entangled in the mobile holder or sustain injury. This is not a toy. Keep the mobile and mobile holder out of the child’s reach. This product must not be used with a motorised product. Assembly and attachment must be performed by an adult.

WARNING: Children must not be able to reach the mobile, as it may pose a strangulation/choking hazard.

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