Silicone lid Sebra Nordic blue

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Silicone lid with a spout for baby cups with an inner diameter of 7 cm. The lid is made of soft, flexible silicone. It’s pleasant for the baby to suck on and won’t break if the cup is dropped or thrown. The holes in the spout only open when the baby drinks and squeezes the spout together. This will prevent spills or the liquid running over the sides.

Fits MUMS [ˈmɔmˀs] cups, Sebra silicone cups and cups with an inner diameter of 7 cm.

The silicone lid is dishwasher-safe at max. 65°C.

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Sebra's new diningware set is designed for everyday use, without compromising
on the aesthetics of the design. The MUMS range is also produced from
a material that leaves a smaller CO2e footprint than other plastic-based alternatives.

A series with a clearconscience

MUMS [ˈmɔmˀs] children’s tableware is designed and produced in Denmark. The series consists of children’s bowls, plates and cups, designed for families who appreciate simplicity at the dining table, but who also welcome a playful touch. MUMS [ˈmɔmˀs] is designed for families with children, but mostly for the children themselves.

They are born curious and playful, and are not concerned with “clean lines”, aesthetics and minimalism, so of course there should be room for an elephant or two in the middle of the dining table! Sebra’s classic elephant “Fanto” adorns each piece in the series.

Why choose MUMS?

  • The bioplastic is made from bio-based raw materials, i.e. plant parts. Corn has been used for MUMS [ˈmɔmˀs].
  • The bioplastic benefits from the versatility of plastic, and with the addition of wood fibres, the amount of plastic is reduced. This means less CO2 compared to a pure bioplastic product or
    a petrochemical product of, for example, oil or natural gas. 
  • New trees are not felled in order to add wood fibres to MUMS [ˈmɔmˀs]. The wood fibres used are a byproduct from wood production.



100% Silicone

Product measures

Measuring (cm): H: 4 L: 7 W: 7

Cleaning & Remarks

Food safe Dishwasher safe Microoven safe Oven safe Not fire heating safe Freezer safe Max 230°C / Min. -40°C Smiley


Recommended age: 4M+

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