Make a creative wall holder for the kids' drawing paper

Do you have a toddler who loves to draw and engage in creative activities? Create a creativity corner where kids can let their imaginations loose.

Many children love drawing and can fill countless sheets with creative doodles. Instead, try hanging an entire paper roll with a creative DIY wall mount on the wall.

The wall mount takes about half an hour to make and requires no crafting experience. It's very budget-friendly and perfect for the kids' creativity corner.

Follow the step-by-step guide and create a creative corner where kids can draw, write numbers, and practise making letters to their hearts' content.

How to make a wall-mounted paper holder

How to make a wall-mounted paper holder

What you need:

  • Drawing paper roll
  • Round wooden dowel that is approx. 20 cm longer than your drawing paper roll
  • 2 recycled leather belts
  • 4 screws (and wall plugs if needed)
  • Scissors and pliers
  • Manual or electric screwdriver


Take arecycled leather belt and cut it into two straps of equal length.

The straps should be approx. 30 cm long.


Cut holes in the straps so they are easy to attach with screws afterwards

TIP: Make the first hole and then assemble the strap so you can see where the second hole should be placed. Once you've made a hole at each end of the first strap, you can use it as a template for the holes in the second strap.


Cut anotherleather belt about 10 cm longer than the paper roll

Make a hole at both ends of the strap so it's easy to attach with screws afterwards.

How to mount the drawing paper holder

How to mount the drawing paper holder


Drill a screw through the holes in the strap and mount the strap on the wall

PLEASE NOTE: Some wall types, such as a brick wall, require you to use wall plugs for a durable result.


Once bothstraps are mounted, attach the wooden dowel between the straps

TIP: Use a spirit level when attaching the straps so that the roll hangs completely horizontally.


Mount the paper roll on the round dowel so that the paper can roll down the wall


Fit the long leather belt over the paper with a screw on both sides

Sisse BorkJæger

Our skilled textile designer, Sisse Bork Jæger, is an expert in colours, textiles and interior design. She has worked at Sebra for 2 years and is part of our team designing the future of interiors and toys.

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