Product warranty

Product warranty

Extended product warranty terms and conditions

Sebra provides an extended product warranty for our ECO-labelled products for a period of 5 years from the date of purchase.

What does the warranty cover?
The warranty covers breakage of components and damage during normal private use, caused by defective workmanship – manufacturing defects in materials and workmannship. 

We emphasise that natural variations in the wood cannot be considered as errors or defects, and Sebra therefore does not guarantee colourfastness or matching of surface colours or hardness, grains, or textures. 

The warranty is voided by: 

  • The product showing visible traces of wear.
  • Signs of misuse.
  • Signs of missing/incorrect maintenance according to the maintenance guide, as to be found in the assembly instruction.
  • The product having suffered damage, incorrect assembly, improper operation, improper use, or storage, etc. 
  • The use of third-party materials on the product or changes to the product, e.g., new paint or varnish.

How to help expedite the processing of your claim

For claims against Sebra’s 5-year product warranty, you must produce:  

  • An original purchase invoice from a Sebra distributor with a visible date of purchase.
  • A product batch number (found on the back of the product assembly instructions or similar).

In addition, the following will be very helpful: 

  • A description of the defect
  • A photo of the entire product
  • A close-up photo of the defect
  • Your contact information 

Handling of warranty claims 

Should there be an issue with an eu flower-labelled Sebra product within the warranty period, please contact the distributor where the product was purchased. The distributor, in cooperation with Sebra, will examine the product and assess the extent to which it is subject to the product warranty. 

 If a warranty claim is justified and falls under the mentioned guarantees, within the extended warranty Sebra will repair, replace, or refund the product in question, depending on the specific case. Sebra alone will decide what type of remedial action will be taken.