Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy for Sebra Interior (Sebra)

To use Sebra’s B2B online shop (only for retailers), social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest) and by signing up for the newsletter and application to become a Sebra retailer (companies) or ambassador (private) you must read and agree our privacy policy.

1. Purpose of Sebra’s privacy policy 

  1. The purpose of Sebra’s privacy policy is to explain how we collect, protect and use information that can be attributed to a specific person.
  2. This privacy policy covers Sebra’s processing of personal data collected about you as a
  • newsletter recipient,
  • user of Sebra’s social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest)
  • customer at Sebra’s B2B online shop at the domain name
  • user of Sebra’s forms at the domain name,
  • competition participant

2. What is "personal data"? 

By "personal data" is meant information of any kind that can be used to identify you as a natural person, e.g. first and last name, private address or other physical address, e-mail or that which relates to you.


3. Why does Sebra Interiorcollect personal data, and which personal data is collected? 

  1. As a rule, you can use the site without telling us who you are or revealing any personal information about yourself. However, we need some information about you if you want to shop with us, if you want to participate in our competitions, if you subscribe to our newsletter or if you contact us via our contact forms on the website. 
  2. Sebra processes information about you, including your first and last name, your private address and/or company address, your CVR number, e-mail address, phone number, gender, age, profile on social media/blog, information about children, their age and gender, information about your activities including inquiries, orders, “saved basket”, interests, focus areas, searches, etc. depending on which forms you may have completed and your on-site behaviour. 
  3. Sebra needs to process personal data about you in order to run its business, e.g. in order to enter into agreements with customers when processing customers’ contact data (name, address, e-mail address, phone numbers) based on customers' wishes and inquiries; in order to develop and deliver concepts and products as well as related services in areas related to décor for children; for administrative and marketing purposes, such as the processing of customers’ interest and focus areas; description of Sebra’s products and the distribution of services, to determine whether Sebra’s terms of trade have been accepted; to determine whether Sebra’s "Use of cookies on" has been accepted; to determine whether it has been requested to receive electronic inquiries to send marketing, offers, invitations, news, competitions, questionnaires, and for technical purposes. 
  4. Sebra undertakes to only process personal data to the extent necessary for the above purposes. 


4. Collection and use of information 

  1. Sebra collects personal data when you sign up for our newsletter, when you use the website and/or online shop on and, and when you use our social media, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. 
  2. Sebra can also receive all kinds of personal and other information about you from business partners; for example, if you have participated in one of Sebra Interior’s sponsored competitions. 
  3. Sebra receives and records information automatically in Sebra’s server logs from your browser, including cookies. Sebra Interior has issued its “Use of cookies on” which can be read here: 
  4. Be aware that the use of our forms is not sent and stored in encrypted form. If your inquiry requires protection, for example, about personal information, you should use regular mail instead of the Internet. 


5. Disclosure of information and publication 

  1. As a rule, Sebra does not pass on or sell your personal data to third parties. Sebra will, if necessary, disclose your personal data to other companies, persons or authorities in the following cases: 
  2. If Sebra has obtained your consent; 
  3. Sebra needs to share the information to provide the product or service you have requested or subscribed to; 
  4. Sebra is responding to subpoenas or other legal processes; 
  5. Sebra finds that your actions using the Sebra products and/or services are in violation of Sebra’s terms, this Privacy Policy or Sebra’s information about the use of cookies and/or any applicable legislation; 
  6. Sebra is required to disclose information according to the law. 
  7. Notwithstanding the foregoing, upon approval of this Privacy Policy, you expressly agree that Sebra may disclose personal data concerning you to Sebra’s affiliates, including Mailchimp and Klaviyo, which is used as the platform for newsletter broadcasting, Sebra’s IT vendors C2IT, RelateIT, nSales and Co3, and the freight companies DSV, GLS, UPS and TNT (in connection with the delivery of goods), provided that none of these use your personal data to a greater extent than described here. 

6. Changes to Sebra's privacy policy 

  1. Storage of personal data is subject to applicable legislation at all times. 
  2. Sebra can continuously and freely revise this Privacy Policy. 
  3. The current Privacy Policy can be found on the website under the domain name Any changes or adjustments, revisions, etc. will be applicable from the date of publication on the website - also with regard to previously registered personal data. 


7. Options to modify and delete personal data and to gain insight 

  1. Your personal data will only be deleted or modified when you either ask Sebra to do so when Sebra itself considers that it no longer needs your information or when your personal information needs to be modified. 
  2. Notwithstanding section 7.1. however, for reasons of accounting legislation, Sebra is obliged to keep some of your personal data for a minimum of 5 years from the time of your last order via the online shop. 
  3. If, at an earlier time than described in section 7.2, you wish to delete or change your personal data, you must contact Sebra in writing. 
  4. You may at any time request Sebra to indicate what specific information Sebra has registered about you, and for what purpose the information is used. You can contact: Sebra Interior ApS, CVR no. 28864663, Sallingsundvej 10, DK-6715 Esbjerg N, e-mail 
  5. You have the opportunity to complain about the processing of information and data relating to you. The complaint is submitted to the Danish Data Protection Agency, cf. The General Data Protection Regulation.