About Sebra

Sebra is a Danish brand that has been designing furniture, interior decor and toys for playful children and their style-conscious parents since 2004. Our brand is rooted in Danish cultural heritage, and we take inspiration from the best of Danish design history.

When you choose a product from Sebra, you are choosing a dedicated Danish children’s interior brand which is focused on safety, functionality and quality. Our products are designed to bring joy to both children and adults, and are designed at the intersection between nostalgia and trend.

Sebra products are characterised by Scandinavian simplicity, and most of the collection is made from natural materials including wood, wool, recycled paper and organic cotton. Part of the collection is also handmade, which is what makes the products unique.

Sebra believes that creating a home with room for children and their play and creativity doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your interior aesthetic.

Our history

Sebra Interior was founded in 2004 by Mia Dela Jensen, a graduate designer from the Design School Kolding. When she fell pregnant with her first child in early 2002, she began looking for items for her future nursery. However, the market didn’t have any of the children's furniture she was looking for in terms of quality and design, and that’s when Sebra Interiør was born.

Since then, the Sebra team has added more children to the family, and although the children are now grown up, Mia and the Sebra team have stuck to designing products for babies and children up to 3 years old.

In the CEO's office in Esbjerg, there is an old wooden train from Mia's own childhood. The train serves as a constant source of inspiration and a reminder to constantly design quality products that are free from hazardous chemicals, filled with play values and fun, as well as that aesthetic Danish look that will last for generations.

The-best-for-my-children products

Sebra is passionate about high-quality, durable design with an
uncompromising approach to safety. We want to design the best for my child products which parents of young children can put their trust in. This means that we safety-test all products that have a relevant and reliable test we can follow, even if legislation doesn’t require us to.

Within our product categories there are a wide range of standards that are voluntary for manufacturers to follow. We have decided that we will meet all standards - including voluntary ones - even if it means not producing and selling certain popular products.

Sebra and sustainability

Eco-friendliness is nothing new at Sebra. Ever since the company was founded in 2004, we have focused on providing good quality, good craftsmanship and durable products that can be passed on to the next generation.

We aim to minimise our environmental footprint to as close to zero as possible and are constantly taking small steps in that direction.

Our latest specific step is that we are currently preparing an ESG report that will give us insight into our current situation and guide us on how to develop our environmental performance in future. We have also partnered with Measurable to enable us to calculate our CO2e emissions per product. Once we have
this information, we can work to reduce the CO2e emissions of every Sebra product and work towards our target.

Our eco-friendly mindset is thus deeply embedded in our design, supplier selection, transport, packaging, storage, waste sorting and social responsibility.