Woodland, block puzzle Wooden block puzzle Multicolored

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Nine wooden blocks with various sides that children can explore and put together like little puzzles. The puzzle is part of the Sebra Woodland collection.

The child can do six different small puzzles with these nine wooden blocks.

  • Puzzle 1: Rebel the Raccoon.
  • Puzzle 2: Luca the Ladybird.
  • Puzzle 3: The numbers from 1-9, allowing the child to learn the visual expression and order of the numbers.
  • Puzzle 4: Counting blocks with different numbers from one figure to nine figures that the child can count.
  • Puzzle 5: Woodland friends – faces of nine different animals – Siggy the Hare, Luca the Ladybird, Zappy the Squirrel, Rebel the Raccoon, Milo the Bear, Sika the Deer, Bliss the Bird, Billy the Bumblebee and Bailey the Frog.
  • Puzzle 6: Woodland friends' favourite food – what do Rebel the Raccoon and Milo the Bear eat?

The puzzle blocks help strengthen the child's motor skills, logical thinking and problem solving. The puzzle is produced in a quality that can be handed down. The activity toy was designed in Denmark. 

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Beech wood

Product measures

Measuring (cm): H: 4,5 L: 4,5 W: 4,5

Cleaning & Remarks

Wipe with damp cloth


Recommended age: 1+

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