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Fun memory matching game to help little ones practise their memory and concentration while they play. The 30 pieces are made from FSC™️-certified wood and other certified materials and are decorated with the characters from Sebra’s two themes: Busy Builders and Teeny Toes.

Play and learning go hand in hand – memory games are a good example of this. They help your child to better remember, recognise and distinguish motifs by finding the two pieces with the same motif. 

The game is quick and easy and can be played alone or with others. The pieces are laid out on the table, face down, and you take turns to turn over two pieces. If the pieces have the same motif, you have a pair that you can keep. If the pieces are not the same, turn them back over and it is the next player’s turn. It’s all about remembering where the pieces are – the one who gets the most pairs wins the game. 

If you need to make the game easier, you can play with just 10 pieces that fit together in pairs. Each piece is 6x6 cm and has rounded edges so you can’t cut yourself on them. The game comes in a colourful storage box to keep the pieces in when you’re not playing. It’s easy to take with you on a trip, and all you need is an even surface to lay the pieces on.

The reversible game has been designed in Denmark and makes a lovely gift to take with you to a third birthday party, for example.

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100% Heavy carton

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Measuring (cm): H: 0,02 L: 6 W: 6

Cleaning & Remarks

Wipe with dry cloth
Wipe with dry cloth



Recommended age: 3+

Be aware

Warning. Not suitable for children under 36 months. Small parts. Choking hazard.

Light on your feet and full speed ahead! Nothing will get in the way as the rabbit pirouettes through the air and the horse does the splits in the Teeny Toes story, where seven energetic animals perform acrobatic feats. Here, anything is possible and everyone can join in the fun.

Teeny Toes is a story about the joy of using your body and expressing yourself through jumping, dancing and playing, regardless of your situation.

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