Wooden shape sorter, Toes/Builders

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Fun wooden shape box with motifs from Sebra’s two themes: Busy Builders and Teeny Toes. The box has an easily removable lid with four holes which are shaped like different geometric shapes, through which the child can put the eight bricks included.

On the four sides of the soft shape box, little ones will be entertained by the Busy Builders and Teeny Toes animals, each of whom has their own speciality. The lid of the box and the blocks are the same  colours, muted shades that match the theme of the series.

A shape box is the perfect toy for practising hand-eye coordination and teaching little ones to recognise shapes and colours. It makes a beautiful piece of decoration when not in use and can easily be passed down from child to child.

Great gift for a first birthday when you want to give a Danish-designed, high-quality toy.

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Country of origin



MDF Plywood

Product measures

Measuring (cm): H: 10 L: 14 W: 14

Cleaning & Remarks

Wipe with damp cloth


Recommended age: 1+

Light on your feet and full speed ahead! Nothing will get in the way as the rabbit pirouettes through the air and the horse does the splits in the Teeny Toes story, where seven energetic animals perform acrobatic feats. Here, anything is possible and everyone can join in the fun.

Teeny Toes is a story about the joy of using your body and expressing yourself through jumping, dancing and playing, regardless of your situation.

Hocus pocus

Teeny Toes' three animal friends, the dog, rabbit and mouse, conjure beautiful shapes with their fluffy pennants as they dance and play ballerinas.

Up, up andaway

Everyone holds their breath as the zebra balances on one leg and the monkey does somersaults in the air. But don't worry! The skillful Teeny Toes animals are masters at defying gravity and can perform the most amazing tricks.

Hula hoop hop

The hula hoop is a great toy for both horses and cats from Teeny Toes. Their enchanting movements make everyone smile and forget that a horse can't do the splits and a cat can't dance.

Come and join us

The animals of the Teeny Toes Circus are always looking for new members who want to find their rhythm. Everyone can join in the creative universe filled with movement and play. Teeny Toes is a world of jumping and dancing where anything is possible.

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